Continua is a versatile quintet that borrows from the boundless idiom of alternative rock in order to sculpt an engrossing narrative by seamlessly combining the spirit and awe of glam rock, the grit of grunge, and the appeal of pop. Continua is the brainchild of Cincinnati based darkwave singer Bishop Battle, Day of Awakening's Brian Buckalew, and guitarist/songwriter Jason Mulkey, who are joined by Maiden Cane lead guitarist Joey Gilbert and drummer Troy Parrish.  Continua’s sound includes the use of instrumental and vocal layering, minor tonality, and combining guitar and bass driven tracks with electronic synthesizers, as evidenced in the successful new track “The Darkest City” from their debut album "Flagship,"  which touts a dark and hook-y alt-rock charm in the soaring vocals and jagged guitars. Other notable tracks include the contemplative and theatrically dynamic "Echoes," as well as the intricately brooding yet driving "Daybreak." Continua's unapologetic avant-gard sound and performances, which have impressed audiences through Flagship's musicality, top-notch performances, and songwriting, as well as their engaging stage presence, makes Continua one of the surprise top genre-bending breakout artists of 2020. 

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