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Flagship is a riveting album from Continua, featuring an inventive rock sound with big-time hooks. The tracks within impress with unique fervor, ranging from the soaring accessibility of "Fluorescent" to anthemic alt-rockers like "Simple Plan." Flagship shows a passionate, highly melodic sound that remains consuming throughout its duration. - Obscure Sound

Continua embrace a dark, sleek beauty on the pristine “Flagship EP”. They craft a true classic with this singular work. Everything, from the stately grandeur of the rhythms to the regal riffs that run through it all gives it a heavy, heady quality. Vocals have a deep resonating quality nicely reflecting a nod to Ian Curtis’s delivery. Lyrics aim for a poetic affect for the words are carefully chosen and balanced for maximum emotional impact. The whole band plays off each other for the group interplay feels majestic. Stylistically they are firmly grounded in a darkwave aspect, bringing together elements of post-punk, industrial, hard rock, and classical into a cohesive whole. Joy Division’s influence can be felt throughout the EP. From the singular physicality of the rhythm section to the mournful guitars that gracefully glide through. Instrumentation like the sparkling cadence of the piano further add to this quality. Quite spacious soundscapes, they also draw from more modern groups. Pieces of Interpol’s playbook appear throughout from the slow yet steady tempos that further emphasize the dramatic to the unexpected twists and turns of the cinematic flourishes. Beyond this, the lyrics oftentimes draw from the yearning passion of Depeche Mode’s storytelling capabilities. Things start up on a high note with the crystal clarity of the anthemic opener “The Darkest City”. Quite lush the atmospherics wash over the listener. On the flip side of this approach is the driving intensity of “Fluorescent”. “Simple Plan” slows things down to a languid pace. Within this expressive work they hit a high point for the EP, as the song’s tension is allowed to build and build until it becomes positively symphonic. With soaring guitar and insistent piano work “Echoes” expands out into the infinite for they cover such vast geography, as the vocals have a fire behind them. Incorporating a surprisingly tender folk ballad into the fray is the spirited bloom of “Always Tomorrow”. Nicely embodying all that came before it is the patient persistent “Daybreak” which brings things to a close. “Flagship EP” reveals Continua to be masters of their craft, sculpting a truly classic, timeless sound. - Skope Magazine

Magic happens when musicians collaborate together to create. Continua is the brainchild of darkwave singer Bishop Battle, Day of Awakening’s Brian Buckalew, and guitarist/songwriter Jason Mulkey, who are joined by Maiden Cane lead guitarist Joey Gilbert and drummer Troy Parrish. Each member offers their own set of expertise and experience to make Continua something powerful and whole. While the group may not have always consisted of these five, together they have been able to Continua to the next level.


2020 has seen the push to take Continua further than ever before. November 11th will see the release of their debut EP titled Flagship. This isn’t your average debut EP though. There’s a maturity and depth to these six tracks that only seasoned musicians could bring about.


Every member plays a critical role within Flagship. Each song allows each member their own space to shine through. Together they form a cohesive, hard-hitting album that highlights the best of them. Glam-rock-esque guitar riffs, synthesizers, and grunge and pop elements all make delightful appearances throughout the album, helping make Continua stand out in the alt-rock world.


The EP opens with “The Darkest City,” a riveting track that will immediately hook you with it’s crushingly clean guitar work. Guitar riffs light up the song as Bishop delivers emotional and powerful vocals that set the mood for the track. Bishop creates a delicate balance between light and dark with his voice throughout “The Darkest City” that brings a dynamic energy to the song.


“Fluorescent” is the next song on the EP and it shows some of the range that is within Continua’s wheel-house. A bit more toned down and melodic in nature, it provides a change of pace for every member to shine through in a different light. It’s evident with every song that goes on that there’s nothing short of talent and desire coursing through the veins of this band.


The diversity continues on throughout Flagship, showcasing the vast knowledge and influences this act has. “Echoes” is stand-out moment in the EP. Continua created a sound that hypnotizes as well as haunts you. As you continue to work through the track it builds with intensity, keeping your attention fully throughout this nearly six minute song.


“Daybreak” closes out the EP with a quiet intensity. Brooding vocal layers and soaring guitar riffs stand out in this number, further proving that there’s so much depth to Continua’s talent. This EP is just the kick-off point for this act. With such knowledge, talent, and drive surrounding Continua, it’s clear they’re set for something big. - Indie Band Guru

Continua is the brainchild of Cincinnati based dark wave singer Bishop Battle,
guitarist/songwriter Jason Mulkey, and Brian Buckalew (from Day of Awakening). They are joined by lead guitarist Joey Gilbert (of Maiden Cane) and drummer Troy Parrish. Spread out across Ohio, Georgia, and Florida, Continua is not restricted by geography.
Together, this crew of highly talented song crafters delivers potent, infectious rock music that hovers on the spectrum somewhere between the emotional authenticity of alternative rock, the grittiness of grunge, the power of pop, and hints of glam rock that give this collection of songs a larger than life, arena-sized sound.

From the moment I clicked play on Flagship, it became immediately obvious I was listening to true professionals who have mastered their craft and continue to master it, as true masters do. Melodically rich, highly infectious, emotionally potent, and undeniably powerful, Continua's
sound had me hooked from the first notes.

The snare hits leading into the soaring lead guitar of track 1, The Darkest City, pulls the listener in as the song builds into memorable guitar licks matched by a potent hook you'll keep singing or
humming long after this EP ends.

The beautiful sounding thump of the bass leads us into track 2. Fluorescent delivers a powerfully pop aesthetic with an easily memorable hook that needs to be spinning on pop-rock radio
playlists (if it isn't already). This is a strong song with all the elements of a charting single.


Slowing it down for track 3, Simple Plan, we are greeted with a darker, more somber guitar melody. As the track builds into an impactful, ballad-esque hook, I am once again reminded of the difference between the average band and a group of musicians who know how to create great

As we enter the soundscape of Echoes, we are greeted with a melancholic piano which leads us through a cinematic, theatrical tapestry of haunting strings, dissonant acoustic guitar strums, and
a vocal performance that drives the emotional intensity of this track over the edge.

Tapping into their more organic, acoustic-driven, balladeer roots, Continua sets the mood for a stadium full of lighters (or cell phone flashlights) swaying side to side in rhythm to Always Tomorrow. There's always tomorrow! And there's always another great song waiting to be heard
from Continua.

Wrapping up the Flagship project, we jump into the driving rhythm of Daybreak. This song is driven by a finely woven sonic tapestry of electric guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, soaring lead guitar lines, and a vocal performance that manipulates the ebb and flow of the listener's emotional strings with precision. As the energy of the song crescendos and then fades to silence,
I am left waiting for more.

Until then, I'll just enjoy repeat listens of the EP! - Indie Music Discovery

An impressive debut album from Continua, Flagship deftly balances dark soundscapes with hooky, melodic songwriting -- steeped within a confident rock sound with alternative, industrial, and electronic components. Big-time choruses tend to rise from atmospheric, contemplative verses that reward listeners with murky, developing soundscapes. The result is a fully satiating listen, with evident musicianship apparent from the collective of Bishop Battle, Brian Buckalew, Jason Mulkey, Joey Gilbert, and Troy Parrish. The six tracks show no filler, each touting their own character and knack for expansion. Opener "The Darkest City" doesn't waste any time in showcasing the quintet's consuming songwriting and sturdy, atmospheric alt-rock arsenal. "You've always dreamed of the darkest places," the vocals emerge, setting an apt scene. A warming, murky rhythm section adorns the verses with a mysterious glow, escalating to the "don't wanna live in the darkest city," vocal hook thereafter. The hook, joined by a vibrant guitar line and uptick in vocal emotion, becomes enjoyably anticipated with each replay. The "say goodbye," bridge also impresses with its effervescent tone and ensuing chugging guitars. "The Darkest City" plays as a commendable opener, showcasing the band's murkier rock spectrum as well as retrospective, electronic-tinged effervescence. "Fluorescent" rides on clearer guitars to start, following a bass-fronted launching pad. Acoustical flourishes linger in the background, as the vocals show an infectious range of tones -- from distorted, sped-up infection to the soaring, anthemic glow of the chorus. The brightly enthused chorus reminds fondly of Collective Soul, Manic Street Preachers, and similar manufacturers of hooky alt-rock. "You're so fluorescent," the vocals cry out during this fantastic chorus, one of the album's most accessible and radio-friendly moments. The album cumulatively does well in showcasing a variety of rock-forward styles with songwriting ingenuity, while still retaining accessibility, and "Fluorescent" shows precisely that. Whereas "Fluorescent" could have easily rode contently on repeating the title-referencing hook, the second half exemplifies enjoyable ambition. Electronic atmospherics linger past the two-minute mark amidst nocturnal backing vocals, as percussion ruminates with subtle expansion. A blistering guitar-fronted section follows, seamlessly adjusting back into the initial, bright hook. "Fluorescent" succeeds with shimmering production and a wholly melodic pull. The track showcases the band's ability to infuse hooky melodic charm within the tracks, even as they tout commendably varied structural twists and turns. Whether you're seeking an immediate hook, interesting soundscape in the rock niche, or both, "Fluorescent" is likely to delight. Following two creative, yet accessibly soaring, rockers to kick off Flagship, "Simple Plan" follows with a more contemplative, atmospheric showing. Suave vocals and post-punk guitar tones gear toward an eventual rise after the two-minute mark, with triumphant guitar tones ringing about a minute later. "Simple Plan" impresses with its multiple faces, growing from late-night post-punk musings to an exciting vein of rock. Continua show throughout a knack for consuming, evolving rockers, and "Simple Plan" showcases that as well, although with a more contemplative first half in a more atmospheric vein. The touch of backing strings, illuminating with a wintry grace, adds nicely to the conclusion as the post-punk guitars re-emerge. The illuminated piano tones that open "Echoes" suggest an epic procession, with emotive vocals that follow fitting the ballad-ready approach. The piano lend a hypnotic, graceful feeling amidst the forlorn vocal yearning. Haunting textural components emerge after the one-minute mark, the ghostly feeling resonating throughout. The second half swiftly assumes a grandiose rock feeling, theatrical feeling alongside the gliding strings and clashing percussion. Reverting back into the gracefully hypnotic piano trickles, again reminding of Manic Street Preachers, the track shows firm decisiveness in alternating between the wintry piano-laden bounce and thunderous rock-based follow-up. The "can't sleep," rise sends chills, in particular. "Echoes" unfolds into another anthemic success. Like "Simple Plan," the development from atmospheric passion into a rousing rock pays off thoroughly. The acoustics, wordless vocal passion, and twinkling keys throughout the intro to "Always Tomorrow" makes for a lushly inviting feel. The vocals are at their most intimate in the album, even as strings and rousing guitars join the fold just prior to the one-minute mark. The passionate vocals -- "there's always a second chance," -- resound with the vocals, strings, and guitars for an aesthetic fondly reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins' classic "Disarm." "There's always tomorrow," the vocals continue, continuing a convincing, motivational tone that aligns nicely with the confident synergy of guitars and strings, which especially excels as the vocals take a reprieve around 02:20. The word "anthemic" is often used to describe tracks throughout Flagship, and "Always Tomorrow" is no exception. The finale on Flagship opts for the group's darker-rock tint, offering both a haunting soundscape and variety of guitar tones, from contemplative to scorching. "Daybreak" initially rides on pulsing guitars and a chilling acoustical reflection, showing one of the album's more alt-rock focused sounds. Expanded guitar flourishes approaching the one-minute mark mesh well with backing vocal effects, carrying well throughout and especially into the final two minutes. "So hard to carry on," the vocals let out as percussion and guitars escalate here. Soaring guitars and several layers of vocal passion converge with beautiful results, setting for a finale that fully satiates and continues the release's knack for anthemic, stirring rockers. Flagship is a riveting album from Continua, featuring an inventive rock sound with big-time hooks. The tracks within impress with unique fervor, ranging from the soaring accessibility of "Fluorescent" to anthemic alt-rockers like "Simple Plan." Flagship shows a passionate, highly melodic sound that remains consuming throughout its duration. Debut albums often show indecision regarding stylistic direction or structural convention. Flagship avoids these pitfalls entirely, opting to consistently pursue a winning strategy of valuing rock-based atmosphere, while still offering a bevy of hooks that resonate after replays. Continua's Flagship is among the year's strong debuts. - Obscure Sound


Here is the official music video for The Darkest City off of our EP - Flagship

Here is the official music video for Daybreak off of our EP - Flagship

Here is a promo video for our upcoming EP - Flagship

Here is a studio look in for the song Echoes off of our upcoming EP - Flagship

Here is a studio look in for the song The Darkest City off of our upcoming EP - Flagship

Here is a studio look in for the song Simple Plan off of our upcoming EP - Flagship

This is an A cappella vocal arrangement of Jesus Christ, Inner Light. ©1996, Suzanne Toolan, Published by OCP Publications ( All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Here is the official video for the track "Fade Away" off of our debut LP - Daybreak

Here is a special video for the song Mourning Sun off of our debut LP "Daybreak".

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